Your website’s invisibility may be due to the following multiple factors and you would need to redeem them in order to get into the good books of them. One of the primary factors hindering the progress may be the web design and you will revamp it to catch the eyeballs of search engine spider in the New Year.

User friendliness of your website is another reason that it is not being indexed higher but the following actions will make the website achieve that.

Your website design must complement SEO efforts hence integrate elements of them into your web design by updating your site. Ranking can be achieved for different keywords with the move but an outdated design would meet with disappointing results and rendering the SEO efforts useless. Revamp the design to attract the mobile and tablet customers and a responsive web design can do this. The action would get a loan of attention from a variety of iOS devices and smartphones based on Windows, Android and other platforms. Creating a website with the multi-screen RWD strategy would help achieve this – something the J Campbell business website does well.

Maintaining a positive reputation would greatly improve the visibility of your website, your website could be about the best restaurants in Manchester but if no-one can see it then it doesn’t do you much good. Most websites do not have this agenda in their strategies but this will work towards long lasting engine visibility. The reputation of a website is as significant as web design layout, content, video, images, logo, etc and regular updates on design would gain that.

SEO complementing website layout, mobile and iOS device friendly responsive design and regular update of website content and design are what going to achieve the ranking you actually need for your website. Once you have carried out these aspects you can expect your website to be appearing regularly on top page ranking in most search engines resulting in the regular flow of customer traffic.