The concept of web development includes various areas of creating a website for the Internet. It is a very broad term for any activities, which are related to its development, in the Internet or the Intranet. The web development also includes the concept of e-commerce, client, or server side, development of web designing, web development apart from the configuration of the web server. Among the many professionals of the web, this term simply means non design aspects of developing the websites, which can include development of hypertext markup language and coding. The term ranges from developing the static website to the most dynamic based web based internet applications.

Now the next question is that what is the importance of web development? Any good website has the potential information about the company or any other individual, who is engaged in the online form of marketing. A properly designed website is always easy to navigate through any search engine. They can be Google, MSN or even yahoo. Search engine websites will rank better in comparison to others. They are more capable to bring more traffic to the place, to generate as much business as possible.

In today’s world of hi-tech technology, this concept has dominated the marketing practice and it has become easily available and affordable, on the Internet. People are earning now and making a huge profit due to 2 important concepts of web designing and development.

In order to make websites, highly successful tools of web development like DHTML, CGI, JavaScript, Flash, and HTML along with CSS are opted. They are some of the important languages for the front design. Some other back end languages like ASP, ASP.NET, JAVA, and PHP along with Oracle, MYSQL, and SQL Server are used for the purpose of coding and database connectivity. Some servers are also required like Tomcat series, web logic and web spheres.